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As a dedicated union nurse, Sydney has seen first hand the impact the pandemic has had on our city.

Sydney fights for families, workers' rights, affordable housing, LGBTQ+ prosperity, and supports a vision for an inclusive and healthy
San Francisco.

What is the

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) is the governing board for the local Democratic Party, consisting of 24 elected members representing nearly 300,000 San Francisco Democrats. Commonly known as the “D-Triple-C,” it plays a vital role in ensuring an affirmative, inclusive, and progressive voice for San Francisco Democrats by endorsing candidates, addressing key issues through resolutions, and organizing and registering Democrats to embody the local representation of the national Democratic Party.

Labor and Working Families
Slate News

Progressive slate files to run against tech money for control of SF Democratic Party

The progressive leaders who worked to move municipal elections from off-years to presidential-election years argued that higher turnout is always good, that the more voters who come out to choose the next mayor the better for the city...

San Francisco Moderate Democrats Want a Clean Sweep of Local Party

At a Sept. 30 fundraiser, San Francisco Democratic officials gathered in a ballroom at the Palace Hotel to raise a glass and look to the future. 

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